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What we offer

In the heart of Luxembourg city, we offer Ashtanga Mysore Style classes in a warm and welcoming environment. Our teaching style is down-to-earth and our classes nurture the growth of the complete beginner to the established practitioner.

Our way of teaching is to encourage and support every student in their yoga practice as a path to self-discovery and self-empowerment. The asanas (the poses) are only part of the process to become more self-aware. We teach our students not so much what to do with their bodies but actually more encouraging and facilitating self-inquiry where they feel what is great for them.

From the moment of your birth, your body is affected by the life you live. Circumstances, decisions, accidents and intentions all influence who you are and form a unique individual. We're all completely different; it's not possible for everyone to do the same thing or fit in the same box. 

Now, here you are today, commencing your own journey - and you are unique.

That's why we're passionate about teaching you your own practice at your own pace, embracing your unique circumstances and needs, and supporting your life

We also offer retreatsin-depth study and workshops.

“It is not so much about telling the students what to do with their bodies but actually more encouraging this inquiry where they feel what is great for them.” 
- Marie Kerr

Marie Kerr founded Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg, the first Ashtanga Shala in Luxembourg in 2015.

She is the main teacher and upholds the daily Mysore program. Over her years of practice and studying, she has absorbed the significance of anatomy and became interested in understanding the body in terms of fascia lines that Tom Meyers has laid out, helping to understand exactly what you're achieving for the body in terms of lengthening, straightening and creating stability, providing the students with a context for even more deeply understanding the value of a yoga practice.

She sees the yoga practice as a tool – and the Ashtanga sequence as a framework which, with the help of insightful assessment and guidance, becomes our daily companion for removing obstacles and helping us to restore normal function.

Her approach is to empower the student to make his/her own paradigm shift toward realignment, through a yoga practice that restores and improves health and function.

Through her teaching, Marie hopes to facilitate self-inquiry, tailoring the sequence for each individual as a model for exploration rather than a goal to be reached.


Marie discovered yoga in 2008 and bows deeply to her teachers - without whom she would not be: 

  • Prem and Rhada Carlisi - Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Center
  • Doug Keller, Therapeutic Wisdom of Yoga and Refining the Breath; 
  • Michael Stone, Mindfullness and Buddhist-based practices; 
  • Constantinos Giannetakis, Iyengar and the subbtle body.

Marie is also deeply grateful for John Scott's teaching, she regulary collaborates with his senior teachers amongs which Dorothy Loh. In 2019 Dorothy teamed up with Marie to open the first Mysore program in Luxembourg. 

May the fruits of this practice benefits all beings. 

Lorraine Hegarty is a talented and highly appreciated teacher at AYL.

She has been practising AY for more than a decade  and was the first to be awarded the 300h AYL teacher training certificate. 

While she practices regularly under the guidance of Marie, her meeting with Petri Raisanen in 2022 was decisive, adding another layer to her teaching path. 

Lorraine believes that a regular yoga practice can help students to navigate through life. Coming to the mat each day to breathe and move can help to ground them and to bring focus and clarity into their lives, having a profound effect on the way they present themselves to the world and the way they live through the experiences they are confronted with in their daily lives.

Inspirational teachers with passion and knowledge...

"These two ladies have complementary qualities as teachers and I see them as yin and yang. After 3 years my attachment to yoga and implementing it in my daily life is getting stronger and stronger, through the passion and knowledge of these two ladies and the inspirational teachers that they are and that they invite to the shala." - Narin

What is Ashtanga yoga?

Ashtanga yoga traces its lineage to an ancient sage named Vamana Rishi in the ancient text Yoga Korunta (approximatively 5000 years ago). 

This text was allegedly discovered by yoga master Krishnamacharya in the early 20th century which was later passed down to his students, such as K. Pattabhi Jois and B. K. S. Iyengar. Jois claimed to have used that as the basis of his Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic and progressing sequence of postures linked together by the breath.

Three points of attention create the foundation for the practice:

  • yoga poses,
  • yogic breathing, and
  • specific gazing points.

“To me the essence of yoga has always been cultivating self-awareness on any level: meditation, pranayama and asana - the poses. The poses are part of the process of becoming more self-aware”.
- Marie Kerr

Studio guidelines

Before you come to practise with us, read our Shala Etiquette for a safe and enjoyable yoga practice