Everyone and anyone can practise yoga

Whether this is your first step into the world of yoga or the next step into deepening and enriching your own practice, we're very happy to welcome you in nurturing and developing your yoga practice!

Everyone and anyone can practise yoga. All you need is some time and the willingness to learn and we're very excited to help you start understanding and exploring the poses in a way that's good for you! 

We offer 3 options for beginning your yoga practice with us:

Beginners Course

Start developing your own practice over a weekend in our monthly beginners course

Intro to Mysore class

Learn the foundation of the Ashtanga practice in our regular 'Intro to Mysore' classes 

Private yoga tuition

Get personalised attention to enrich your practice by booking a tailored one-to-one session

“There is a paradox that we associate yoga with flexibility, but yoga poses are much more about developing stability. This stability is developed through a mix between mobility (by encouraging the range of motion between your joints) and strength of the body.”  
- Marie Kerr

Beginners Course

Our beginners course takes place on Sunday. We keep this course intimate with a maximum of 8 students, which allows us to welcome complete novices to yoga, as well as those with previous yoga practice but willing to develop their own self-practice.

The aim of the course is to give you enough material and practical knowledge to explore some techniques (breath awareness and synchronisation of breath and movement, specific gazing points, and essentials of healthy internal alignment) on basic postures and start developing your own practice according to your individual needs.

Weekend Beginners Course


Intro to Mysore class

Our Intro to Mysore classes are held in small groups, which allows us to welcome complete novices of yoga, as well as those with previous yoga practice but who are now willing to develop a self-practice.

You'll learn the foundation of the practice which will be applied to and explored in the basic postures of the Ashtanga sequence. During this class you'll be guided and also encouraged to memorise the sequence at your own pace to help ensure your yoga practice relates uniquely to your individual needs. 

Progressively, you'll start gaining independence and confidence in your self-practice which will serve as a soft landing to the Mysore room in our regular Mysore style class.

Intro to Mysore class

Private yoga tuition

If you are unable to attend any of the previous options, or if you have a regular self-practice but can’t attend the classes, Marie will be very happy to welcome you into a private class. We will tailor the class to fit your level and enrich your own practice.

You can choose the time to suit you - we'll welcome you to our shala on a suitable date.

The one-to-one package consists of:

  • a 60 or 90 minute private yoga class; and 
  • access to any of our Mysore classes within a week after the private tuition.

We also offer private yoga tuition for groups of up to 4 people, which consists of a 90 minute private yoga class. 

One-to-one package



Private group tuition



“Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.”  
- Albert Einstein

Take the next step

Contact us if you have any questions about getting started with your practice, or would like to book a private yoga session