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Full Price: 220

Early Bird Price: £200 (until November 30, 2022)

Keep your back safe and allow for a deeper opening.

It would be hard to imagine yoga without backbends. Backbends invigorate and uplift our energy as they stimulate the proper function of the digestive system, help preserve the space between each vertebra and allows us to deepen our diaphragmatic breathing – backbends are a very important part of our practice to uplift our energies – as they also reverse the effect of our “forward-flexion society”.

For the health of our spine, Marie will share her insights on her precise approach to safe backbending, as we want to practice in a way that protects our spine, maintaining the proper curves of the spine as much as possible by using the energetic lift of the bandhas.

Marie will share precise energetic techniques in order to put the spine in movement and access the thoracic spine – such as:

  • Using the energy of the legs and engaging the inner thighs;
  • Sacral nutation to initiate a backbend;
  • Postural use of Uddiyana Bandha – maintaining the natural curve in the lower back and exploring the role of the core in spinal stability specifically the action of the lower abdominals involving the transversal abdominals;
  • The importance of diaphragmatic breathing to open the back of the body;
  • Ensuring proper neck alignment so that the backbend goes into the thoracic spine – not the neck.

Lastly Marie will share some insight on therapeutic wisdom:

  • Backbending and scoliosis
  • Backbending and special spinal conditions (such as spinal stenosis, spondylosis, cervical spondylosis, spondylolisthesis…)

This workshop is taught in English.

Beginners or advanced – both hatha yoga and ashtanga practitioners’ welcome

Program: Saturday and Sunday

9.=0 am – 10am: Self-Practice

10.30am 12.30: workshop

2pm – 5pm: workshop


200 euros booking before 30th of November

220 euros booking after 1st December

Or 120 euros per day / 60 euros half a day

Zoom price 100 euros

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations are subject to a 20 euros cancellation fees.

Payment is fully refundable is cancellation is done 1 month before – 2nd of November.

50 % lost if cancelled by 11th of November.