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Full Price: 50

Join Marie for an immersive workshop dedicated to the art of backbending within the Ashtanga Yoga Second Series (Nadi Shodhana). This workshop is designed for practitioners who have a solid foundation in Ashtanga Yoga and are looking to deepen their practice. We will explore the key poses of the Second Series that focus on backbending, including Kapotasana.


What You’ll Learn:

– Alignment and Technique: Understand the fundamentals of safe and effective backbending.

– Breath and Movement: Integrate breath with movement to enhance flexibility and stability.

– Modifications and Variations: Learn how to modify poses to suit your level and how to progress safely.

– Therapeutic Benefits: Discover the physical and mental benefits of backbending.


Who Should Attend:

This workshop is ideal for intermediate to advanced Ashtanga practitioners who are familiar with the primary series .



– Date & Time: 14th July 2024

– Location: Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg  Shala 5-9, rue du Nord L2229 Luxembourg

– Teacher : Marie Kerr, main teacher and AYL founder

– Price: 50 euros

Cancellation policy: non refundable


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