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Full Price: 50

In this series of workshops, you will gain an in-depth understanding of healing through movements, breath and meditation practices in order to provide the student with a context for greater understanding of the value of practicing Yoga.

Marie will share how to use verbal cues and hands-on adjustments for helping the students move intuitively allowing the life force to circulate through the body. Fundamental emphasis upon empowering the student to make their own paradigm shift towards realignment will be given.

Through these workshops, Marie’s intention is to emphasise restoration and realignment with the purpose of reducing the influences of typical pain (and preventing the recurrence of pain) from stresses put upon the body by imbalances and by unhealthy or destabilizing patterns of movement.

Together we will explore how the process of healing adjustment goes beyond biomechanics:

  • Observing energies and movements based on kinesiologic principles;
  • Physiology and psychology principles;
  • How to approach a student’s energy;
  • Establishing appropriate boundaries (difference between compassion and empathy);
  • How to create a safe practice space;


  • Use of imagery for the development of body awareness;
  • Learning the very suggestive name of the asanas;
  • Using verbal cues;


  • Feeling and sensing the prana;
  • Role of the Vayus – forces of the prana in the functioning of the body;


  • Intention and purpose of a hands-on adjustment;
  • Triggering the healing process;
  • Making change in practice;
  • Working with injuries;
  • Tools for exploring, retraining and realigning movement;
  • Linking specific health benefits to practices.


This series of workshops is initially created for Marie’s established practitioners and assistants. It is also open to established hatha and ashtanga practitioners and teachers. Please contact Marie if you wish to attend the sessions.



Sunday 12 to 2pm

  • February 19th
  • March 26th
  • April 16th
  • May 21th
  • June 18th


1 workshop: 50 euros for AYL practitioners

5 workshop: 230 euros – booking before February 19th

For non AYL practitionners 60 euros per workshop.

Cancellation policy: non refundable