Don't just take our word for it!

An authentic and passionate yoga teacher...

"Marie is an authentic and passionate yoga teacher. She balances knowledge and awareness with a lot of humor and lightness in a way that creates space for all students, regardless of their background or experience. I’m very thankful for all the lessons I could spend in her yoga classes."
- Karsten

Very qualified and patient teachers...

"I have really been enjoying practicing yoga at AYL and would recommend anyone, beginner or experienced practitioner, interested in yoga to join. I have been practicing at the Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg shala for about 4 months after a long break in my practice.

One thing that I really appreciate is that Marie is a very qualified teacher and very patient. Her teaching is modified according to each student's need. The atmosphere is always relaxed and non-competitive creating a safe environment for practice and growth. The guidance and adjustments are always intelligent and based on anatomy and alignment, giving the direction to create release rather than being forceful. The shala is a warm place located right in the city centre therefore easily accessible."
- Briag

A really fun and enjoyable environment...

"Marie and Lorraine are just great! They are able to adjust their teachings to each of the students, regardless of their experience or level. Additionally, they are really knowledgeable and have all the details about how to get the right adjustments. On top, they are always coming with new ideas, activities (check out some of the past visiting teachers!) and keeping a really fun and enjoyable environment. I definitely recommend Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg!"
- Pablo

I received the best adjustments ever in a yoga class!

"I have been lucky to take a class here for the first time a few years ago. I am still a regular student! I met an amazing instructor, who make you feel welcome and comfortable.

Marie is an inspirational and professional Ashtanga yoga teacher. She has encouraged me to listen to my body with their warm and kind smiles. I learned a deeper understanding of my own practice and from the first class I received the best adjustments ever in a yoga class! They assist and guide me just past my limits even when I think I can’t go any further and always in the safest way for my body.

The yoga shala itself, with its warm and inviting atmosphere, is such a magical place, where I find a nice and friendly community of regular students, and wonderful workshops with respected and internationally recognized teachers."
- Ippolita

I gained a new perspective in the practice...

"I've been practicing Ashtanga yoga for the last ten years. I discovered it in Milan in a very traditional school. Marie  gave me a new perspective in the practice. She has a very gentle approach. She helps to get into the asanas, without pushing, but through the breath and any kind of instruments, such as belts, bricks and therapy balls. I totally recommend her shala. She is a very dedicated practitioner, always studying to improve. She has also arranged workshops with amazing teachers from all over the world."
- Amedeo

Unfailing attention, patience, accuracy and humour...

"Speaking from my personal experience, Ashtanga yoga as taught by Marie  is a joyful journey whose benefits you feel long after you’ve left the cosy premises of their little shala. Whether you're a complete beginner, an experienced practitioner or anyone in between, Marie will guide you through your very own journey with their unfailing attention, patience, accuracy, and - cherry on top - a sense of humour which will help you visualize even your most dreaded asana as a dance on roses worthy prospect. No wonder the circle of faithful enthusiasts is growing."
- Olivier

Inspirational teachers with passion and knowledge...

"I tried different types of yoga for many years and never felt touched or connected. Till I accompany a friend to a Sunday class Ashtanga primary led by Marie. Although I didn't know exactly what I was doing I felt so great afterwards and that became my Sunday routine. Until Marija joined the shala as a teacher and I started Mysore classes with her and she elevated my understanding of yoga. These two ladies have complementary qualities as teachers and I see them as yin and yang. After 3 years my attachment to yoga and implementing it in my daily life is getting stronger and stronger, through the passion and knowledge of these two ladies and the inspirational teachers that they are and that they invite to the shala."
- Narin

A beautiful community...

"I discovered Marie’s shala 3 years ago and since then I can say that my practice in Ashtanga changed a lot. Marie and Marija have this capacity to question everything, to go off the beaten tracks. 

What I appreciate most is their commitment to Ashtanga and to their students. They have a real desire to teach and constantly increase their knowledge. I thank them both for the beautiful community they managed to create around the shala and around Ashtanga."
- Stefania

You will be truly welcomed...

"True to its name, this shala is a space to go on a learning journey. The Mysore style classes are small and intimate, with a lot of personal time with the teacher, who will tailor your practice to suit your body and your needs. Marie and Marija are kind, attentive guides, sharing their own down-to-earth, very real experiences with yoga. They are non-dogmatic, guiding each student with props and routines that respect and develop your individual body, and most importantly focusing on the journey and the work, and not on making the exact posture. This knowledge and support have helped me understand my body better and delve deeper into my own practice of yoga, and of life. I can't recommend them highly enough, you will be truly welcomed in this little shala!"
- Natalia

They have transformed my practice...

"Marie and Marija make my day every morning. They have transformed my practice from inside, through incredibly subtle adjustments and instructions that address my personal needs. The result is a much better understanding of how to make the best of yoga and use it in my daily life."
- Alejandra